Flaws of Idealistic Christian Beliefs

March 3, 2011
Christianity, being a popular belief is looked at as a peaceful system. Any group or religion will always be used for power, but that does not mean any good comes from it. The “holy” Bible in itself is filled with blood and ideals for destruction and self-destruction. It pushes belief in subjects such as, mass murders, sacrifices, slavery, ignorance, intolerance, genocides, physical submission, and capital punishment.

God provides us with an excellent example. God encourages genocide, while outlawing murder. God demands people to follow the Sabbath, while Jesus states clearly, that it is not needed. According to the Bible, God's “will” includes wiping out cities, and in one “story” (the flood) wiping all life on Earth, killing his own followers a number of times, decreeing punishment for all kinds of harmless crimes, and outlawing unbelievers to eternal torment, even though they have no proof of his existence.
Christians often showcase the Ten Commandments as an example of pureness and civil ideals. People may question why they live in a country which does not establish them into their constitution. No civilized country in the world, and few counties, has EVER done the following:
* Banned other religions (1st commandment)
* Banned art/other religions (2nd commandment)
* Banned blasphemy (3rd commandment)
* Banned working on the Sabbath (4th commandment)
* Created child-beating and child abuse legalism (5th commandment)
* Banned self-defense (6th commandment)
* Banned adultery (7th commandment)
* Banned lying (9th commandment)
* Banned personal desire (10th commandment)
Faith is the only requirement to be "saved". Even a serial killer who converts to Christianity is considered morally better to the most upright atheist. That is the belief to which Christians will excuse the evils that people commit on a daily basis. Christians are told that they will be saved if they follow god’s will and his beliefs. However, non-believers who live a normal life, even: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Andrew Carnegie, Robert W. Wilson, Elizabeth Cady-Stanton, Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood, Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Edison, Ted Turner were announced officially atheist. Should these humanitarians be doomed to an eternal life of torture?^
Many Christians state that they do not follow the Bible, but they have a personal relationship with their god. This may be so, but without the Bible, what do they believe in? How do they even know they are Christians? It is my personal belief that Atheists have it too rough from intolerant-radical religious fanatics. No person in public life may be free to impugn the patriotism of any minority group because of that group's opinion in respect to religion. President George Bush is herewith censured for his public expression of August 27, 1987, at which time he stated: "I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God."^

Not only individual leaders feel this way, in accordance to a blog post, the Republican Party of Texas Officially bigoted against Atheists.^ This paper is not to strike against the followers of Christianity, Catholicism and other branches of religion. It is to educate believers and non-believers alike, that Atheism is not barbaric or unheard of. The leaders of the world are atheists. We need thinkers to challenge the bible, challenge religion’s power on our lives, but not to destroy it. Religion offers hope, a sense of well-being, and a universal feeling of belonging. But what is the point of following our personal thoughts and souls if all we do is fight and war against each other over it? We should be fighting terrorism, not Muslims. Fighting cancer and not spending millions on pointless religious recruiting material. If we, the citizens of America, join together as just people, not Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Catholics, unthinkable accomplishments can be achieved.


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CMBoyboy said...
Oct. 23, 2014 at 8:55 am
Great essay, I totally agree with you although I'm a Christian.
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