Gay Rights!

March 1, 2011
By Cody Kuchan SILVER, Worth, Illinois
Cody Kuchan SILVER, Worth, Illinois
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Homo, faggot, and queer are only some of the nicknames of one of the controversial issues in today’s society. Gay rights should be accepted and equal to heterosexual rights and some laws should be repealed that affect the gay community including the don’t ask don’t tell law. There is much scientific evidence proving that people are born gay and it is not a choice in life that one has to make. Also, homosexuals should be able to marry without getting criticized or ridiculed for it. Homosexuals should get treated the same as heterosexuals because it is not a choice but a genetic disposition.

In all reality, homosexuals should get treated the same as heterosexuals. Marriage is a social institution that brings the couple many privileges ( Anyone should be able to get married and express their love without any problems. Are homosexual couples any less deserving than heterosexual couples? One response to this question states “I find it sad that in this day and age Americans are splitting hairs over semantics and allowing one word stand in the way of happiness and equality for a large number of deserving, law-abiding American citizens who just so happen to love someone of the same sex” ( The word GAY or HOMO should not stand in the way of same sex couples getting married. One law that President Clinton passed was the don’t ask, don’t tell in the military. This one law should be repealed because gays should be able to openly fight for the country that they live in. There are statistics that show how many people care about don’t ask, don’t tell. More than a dozen polls in the past five years have found that roughly two-thirds of the public supports the repeal (

Next, people are born gay, bisexual, or lesbian and they do not choose what they want to be later on in life. According to genetic research, the X chromosome passed from the mother carries the variability that accounted for becoming gay ( Since the 90s, there has been some evidence found that a gene could be the root cause of homosexuality. “All studies have been successful to the extent that they have found genetic factors to be the cause of homosexuality in fifty to sixty percent of the populations’ studies” ( While giving birth to the baby the uterus can alter the child’s sexual orientation. There is not only genetic research but also biological research. If the mother had previous male births, studies show that at least one son will be gay (

In other words, most people believe in the bible and actually follow what the bible says. In the bible it states that homosexuals shall be damned. The bible also states that god said that homosexuals are the cause of the Roman Empire ( According to a website, there was more than one factor that crushed the Roman Empire and being gay is a very big sin ( However, people sin everyday because they break the Ten Commandments probably daily, therefore being gay cannot be a sin. Also, on the news they don’t mention straight people who have committed suicide due to racial slurs from gay people. It is the other way around; so many gay people have committed suicide because of the heterosexual homophobic community.

To conclude, due to predisposition of genetic chromosomes, homosexuals should get treated the same as heterosexuals. They should get treated equally, and it’s not a choice that they make, they are born this way. The bible does say it is wrong, however there is no proof that being gay is wrong in anyway. Gay rights has always been a big issue in the world, will it ever be solved?
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