Population Control

March 4, 2011
By oliverzed BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
oliverzed BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Does it ever feel too crowded, do you think the economy is going down the toilet? Well, a very discussed and dramatic issue is population control, and like me, many believe this is a very important issue and we need less people on the planet. Although many people do believe this and really want laws towards the population, there are many skeptics who believe the issue is not anything to worry about or rather, just doesn’t exist. But that is why I am here to discuss and give the advantages and disadvantages of the issue.
One part of the issue many seem to agree with is that many immigrants have children in order to gain citizenship. This has been proven in a study and should be resolved immediately. The problem is that in America, if a child is born in the U.S. they automatically have full citizenship, so the parents use this as an excuse to stay in the country, which does not only raise our population by one baby, but also two parents. But many can argue that it is an immigrant’s choice to gain citizenship. This is true, but they are doing the wrong things in order to gain this citizenship.
Another topic is the fact that many people have a lot of children so they are able to get the benefits, such as government help in food, insurance, money, and other expenses that would otherwise have to be paid alone. The problem is that, the more children they have, the more benefits they require, and thus more government money being spent on them. And again many people would argue that it is the choice of the parents to have the children as well as the government’s choice to help these people. This is also true, but it can easily be changed, and if it were, it would bring much needed money back to the government.
There are a few things which I think the government can do, in terms of lowering spending on these oversized population, and to also cut the population by a sizeable margin. Now these ideas are somewhat extreme, but as many know, extreme measures are often taken, to solve some of the world’s problems.
The first thing, I think the government can do is create a law that only allows for a certain amount of children depending on your yearly salary, or savings. For example, if your salary was 50,000 dollars a year, you would be allowed 2 children, and if it was 80,000 you may be allowed 3, and so on. This may be necessary because people have 4 children when their yearly salary is zero. Many may ask, well, what if you lost your job and you already had 3 children? Well, that goes into my next suggestion.
Another thing the government can do is that if you lost your job and already had a certain amount of children, or have gotten a cut in salary, which will drop your allowance of children, the government may be able to take your child or children away until you are able to take care of them again, or can supply you with a loan until you are back on your feet. But if you don’t pay back the loan, and then the government can take away your child until it is paid back in full. Now, some may say that the government has no right to take away their child, but that is what the change of law is for. But many may be saying well where is my child going to go, well I think it can go to a set of temporary parents who are able to take care of the child.
One more issue the government may want to spend extra time on is controlling immigration. Too many immigrants come in too fast and we cannot keep up. We try to secure our borders, but we aren’t trying hard enough, and have almost lost care. Now, I am not trying to sound racist, but most who are also not racist would agree that too many are already here and are adding exponentially to our population, which is only an epic fail on our part. I don’t think it is as much their fault as it is ours for not caring.
Agreeing with this issue will bring you advantages in the sense that we all may live a better, less crowded, well paid life, in which we can all enjoy. But there are disadvantages, including the fact that we would all have to struggle to change our ways as well as the law, and this takes much time and effort, which is something, we all do not like to take. But we must realize that, this will all pay off in the long run, and it is totally worth it.
Overall, we should take action immediately and try to do the best we can to not breed like locusts. Although these steps are hard and rigorous, if we can take them one at a time, we can all come together and accept and solve this issue. If we do not take action, our country will fall apart due to the economy, and ultimately the world, due to starvation, and other things that result in the over population of humans. So let’s go!

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