She's Popular so she's stuck up, snotty and mean.

February 22, 2011
By , berlin, IL
I have many friends and my closest friend that's a boy is captain of football, and yes,
I hangout with the popular crowd on the weekends. The most saddest thing to me is that I'm called mean and rude. I've heard people say, "Oh she thinks she's the best." I didn't choose to be the popular one, I don't neglect other "cliques." So it truly hurts me when people say, she's the popular one, she's the mean girl. I feel that the way the portray popular people in movies is so stereotypical. For example, Sharpay in High School Musical, and "The Plastics" in Mean Girls. They make her out to be the bully, when really most people aren't that way. I want people to know just because someones popular doesn't mean their snotty.

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