The Return of Jersey Shore

January 18, 2011
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Everyone knows the famous guidos and guidettes from MTV’s hit show, Jersey Shore, from their crazy lifestyles. The reality show first aired in 2009 as these guidos and guidettes, not knowing each other, get together and live in a house for a summer. They first lived in New Jersey and in the second season they lived in Miami. These men and women are all about themselves; how they look, what they were and being better than one another. They all are 100% Italian and that’s where the names guido and guidette originate from. Each one is extremely tan and make sure their tan stays beautiful by either going to the beach or hitting the tanning beds. Since they are all self absorbed, they sense that people want to dress and act the way they do.

In Troy Patterson’s article, he states the lifestyles of the Jersey Shore cast members and identifies some of the characteristics of some. The characteristics aren’t necessarily ones one would admire or wish to possess. Those traits being self-absorbed, flaunty, attention seekers and other traits that is along those lines.

Snooki, Mike “The Situation” and JWoww I would say have gotten the most publicity from the show and also said in Troy Patterson’s article. Snooki’s style; wearing the pouf, fur boots and her outgoing personality. Mike “The Situation” has gotten all his publicity from his well-built body. In almost every picture and scene of the show, he is lifting up his shirt showing his abs trying to get all the girls. JWoww is known to be “the hot one” and even though people don’t believe she is, she believes she is. She flaunts her body by the clothing she wears tight shirts, pants and dresses. Now, she has matured a little bit, changing her style by wearing more adult attire.

Even though the lifestyles of the guido’s and guidettes differ from other styles; however, the show is incredibly entertaining to watch. Watching the way they treat one another, hearing their unique vocabulary, gym- tan- laundry and their crazy partying.

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