Bill of Rights

January 18, 2011
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Even though there are twenty-seven amendments that protect citizens rights from the government, which gives them little power and grants us ours. There are two that I think that are most important. Which are the first amendment and the ninth. I chose these two because they protect and acknowledge all that we want as citizens. They protect our rights that can’t be denied.

The first amendment is important because the congress can not tell someone what their religious beliefs are or prohibit the exercise of a religion, nor can they deny your freedom of speech; freedom of press or the right to petition the government. It also tells you that you have the right to your opinion, believe whatever or whomever you believe in. You have the right to write about anything and to disagree.

An example was a case that was given about the first amendment. A National Socialist Party wanted to march into Skokie where there was a large amount of Jewish people. A peaceful march was being held just to show how they felt. The government didn’t give them the approval to march there, but told them they could march in Chicago. The government did this because they were thinking ahead if something was to happen. The government didn’t disregard their first amendment because they still got to express themselves.

The ninth amendment also is important because the government and the Constitution can not deny certain rights that you are born with and that are not mentioned. The right to privacy. For example, the case that was given to represent was in Connecticut there was a man who opened up a contraceptive store and was arrested because of breaking the law. However, the state shouldn’t have had that the law of prohibiting the use or selling contraceptives. Because that is within the privacy and decision of that person to use it or not. You born with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In addition, with that life you are given privacy and with the liberty you are given the right to have freedom and with the pursuit of happiness you choose to do whatever makes you happy.

Moreover, as Americans we are a republic party because we vote on whom we want to represent and make decisions. And we wanted the government to have little power because of England.

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