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January 17, 2011
By ernes09 BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
ernes09 BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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Islam’ has 2 holidays in a year. One is Ramadan it’s a month long, and at the end month me, my brother, and my dad go to Grand Rapids to some building and pray. The day before my mom bakes a lot. She makes a lot of cakes and some sweets. Its for guests who come over. And let me tell you a lot of people come over. People come over and stay for 2 hours and then more people come over. I love when they come over because they give me money. That’s only the first holiday, and the second holiday is in November, but it’s for couple of days. My family and other families go to the farm and pick out a lamb. When we pick a real nice my dad and his friend walk the lamb to a tree. Then they kill it. They slit its throat, and then they hang it and skin it and gut it. They bring it home and cut it into chunks. We do this because it gives health to our family and friends.

In the morning of November 16, 2010 it was Birahm. I had to wake up early and get ready. It was hard to wake up because last night I was watching “Monday Night Football”. My parents were yelling at me to get up and get ready. I got up and went straight to the shower. Turned the hot water on and jumped in. I was in there about 20 minuets. The warm water was like a blanket covering my whole body. I parents were yelling at me again because I was talking to long. My dad said “If you don’t come out now you have to go to school”. I put on my pants, my shirt and ran out to the car.

We drove off to my uncles’ house to pick him up. The ride wasn’t that long; probably 45 minuets. The ride there wasn’t that interesting because I was really tired and I slept the most of the way there. The place we had to go to was in Kentwood. Our mosque is not finished yet so we have to go to a building and pray. We all have to stay there for about a half in and pray.

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