Dear Myself,

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Myself,
Don't you ever feel bad for deserting all you old true friends?
- Of coarse not, they aren't as "cool" as you.
Dear Myself,
Who are your new friends then if you left all your old ones?
- No one. Everyone of my new "friends" only cares about popularity, those snobs.
Dear Myself,
So, why do you hang around with "those snobs" if you don't like them?
- Because when I started school I was too scared to see who I really was
Dear Myself,
How do you feel?
- I feel trapped by the popular girls, because I am friends with them, I feel ashamed because I left my only real friends. I am upset because I never am really happy. I am stupid because I never apologized to them. I am helpless because I just stand by and don't help those being picked on. Oh, and that just made me realize, I am not trapped by the popular girls. I feel trapped because I choose to be.

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