January 14, 2011
By Joseph Blackwood BRONZE, Chesapeake, Virginia
Joseph Blackwood BRONZE, Chesapeake, Virginia
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Invasion of privacy should never be acceptable (simple sentence). Invasion of privacy becomes a hate crime when the invader causes pain to the victim, and the crime is done specifically to attack the victim’s religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation(compound complex).The FBI says, “A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias.” This internet hatred is a new kind of hate crime unlike the traditional offenses. The FBI’s policy also states, “Hate crimes directed at the U.S. government or the American population may be investigated as acts of domestic terrorism.” Terrorism should not be accepted in our country, no matter the form. Although challenging to enforce, hate crimes on the Internet can be regulated (participial phrase). The most effective way would be to have people directly involved regulate cyber-bullying. The government would be able to enforce these laws by looking at the emails, videos, and pictures that the culprit, Tyler Clementi’s classmates in this case, used as leverage to expose the victim’s personal beliefs, which were placed on the Internet against the victim’s will. (appositive) Community organizations could work against these acts of prejudice. As far as punishment, it would depend on the severity of the crime, and the government would determine the punishment.
Determining where to draw the line between joking and bullying can be difficult. The people who know that line the best are the peers of the people involved. Kathleen Parker in her article “a private matter of public concern” asks, “How could anyone think that another’s most private, intimate moment was fair game?” In Tyler Climenti’s situation it clearly was crossing a personal boundary, because the crime was obviously not a joke (complex sentence). Abuse endured, Clementi should not have had to face such discrimination(absolute phrase). If the bullying can be stopped at the beginning, the abuse can be stopped much easier. People must stand up for their friends; however, more importantly stand up for those who are not your friends. If you would not want it done to yourself then do not let it happen to someone else. This is a time to be bold and not hide in silence. Parker agrees,” When others are victimized by another’s lack of scruples, be outraged.” Do not stand in silence; do something about this hatred, and stand up for other people(compound sentence).

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