Is sagging really an issue

January 14, 2011
While analyzing over things that are important 2 me, I feel that I Sag frequently and people complain about it. But I'm here 2 show that Sagging isn't that big of a deal!

To begin, I feel sagging should be a personal choice, and the person sagging shouldn't be judged! People always state how we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, and that's exactly what you do! You see a guy sagging and automatically label him a thug or delinquent. Maybe you should get to know him, because sagging shouldn't stop friendship.

Furthermore I feel society is really hypercritical because they allow guys to walk around with no shirts and show off their bodies, but as soon as the boxers show, "Slap on the 'cuffs!" As Mayor Carol Broussard stated in an article to the New York Times, " We used to wear long hair, but I don't think our trends were ever as bad as sagging." [Sir, have you seen that hair? You just destroyed your claim!]Timmy walks down the beach showing off his body trying 2 impress the ladies, he has it made! But later on that night when he goes out to dinner with a girl he met at the beach, the slightest view if his boxers comes to show and now he winds up spinning his dinner money on a fine he was given for sagging! What a wonderful night!

To wind up my claim, I feel that there are more important issues than sagging. Should we really be all that concerned with sagging? There are millions of other issues one thousands tomes worse! I feel it's a shame that a kid can disrupt a classroom numerous times and only get a phone call home, but some caught sagging can be fined $500 or sentenced to six months in jail for sagging. What's really more important?

So after reviewing the facts and statements, I feel that sagging should just be a personal choice and not a crime. So ask yourself, before you judge someone, think about how you would feel!

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