Homework Is Becoming Too Much

January 13, 2011
By Jong Shin BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Jong Shin BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Not to be straightforward but I absolutely hate homework. I hate the thinking it requires, the stress it gives, the abundance of it and the damage it does to our social lives. Sorry for the people who love homework but I pretty much hate everything about it.

I felt like I was surrounded by it ever since I was born. I don’t remember the last time I DIDN’T have any homework, it might be that my memory is obscured but I highly doubt it. Year by year the abundance of it piles and piles, making it feel as if we are actually holding up the Earth. It might sound like I am exaggerating but honestly I loathe homework or anything associated with it.

The feeling that you get when you experience pleasurable sleep, the feeling that you get of the pleasant feeling of “worry-free” and the lack of homework is something I cherish and crave for. Somehow and somewhere, I don’t know when, these things were turned into fantasy, making it impossible to attain.

Imagine someone walking home, shoulders sagging, face drooping, already thinking about the load of homework he has when he should be jubilant. The menacing backpack, bulky and upsetting, weighed Bob down with tremendous force. Sliding into the chair of depression and murkiness, Bob settles and terrified, glances at the clock. He panics, because it’s already 5:30 and knows he will have to pull an all-nighter, with the homework of science, studying for a math test, an essay for Language Arts and another project for his elective. “Wow this is going to be a LONG night,” thought Bob.

Would you really want that abundance of homework rather than getting precious sleep? Researches show that teens need around 9.25 hours of sleep. According to Harris Cooper, “too much homework may diminish its effectiveness or even become counterproductive.” According to more researchers, countries with students that score the highest such as Japan, Denmark and others, only get assigned small amounts of homework. Countries such as Greece, Thailand and others, who have students scoring the lowest on test scores, have ceaseless amounts of assignments of homework.

Honestly homework isn’t just something you could do in a flash of a second. You need to take your time carefully doing it so you can have a superior outcome. Piles of homework lead to one thing to another. Teens fall asleep from doing homework, which could lead to pain in your back and even dark circles that stretch to your cheeks. Then that leads to falling asleep in school which is 28% of the teens. That can also lead to severe things like missing the information in school which just adds to the piles and piles of homework for the following evening. Then the process just repeats.

Additionally, from my observations, everyone benefits when there is very small or no homework at all. Parents are happy and satisfied when their children get superb grades. That leads to making the teachers content, because everyone in the class will get excellent grades, which leads to a positive influence on the school.

I enjoy school but I really loathe homework because it tears apart our lives when we should use it optimistically. If we didn’t have any then there would be a positive influence on everyone. Too much homework leads to less sleep and as a teen myself, I shouldn’t even be talking about it. It’s ludicrous. However, if people don’t step up and just let homework tear apart our lives then I will constantly remind them that homework is outrageous.

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