Why Is Sagging Such a Problem

January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Sagging is a manner of wearing trousers slacks jeans and shorts below the waist, hanging below the waist area and therefore revealing much of the underwear. Sagging is predominantly a male fashion My claim is that sagging is a style or good look for mankind. I say that because that is how most of us roll. Not to be raises but most black men sag more than Caucasians on a daily bases.

The style of sagging is a fashion of where many styles can apply with the sagging fashion. Say that you want to look good to either the movies or to the mall, just sag then throw on some crisp pants or khakis, with a nice shirt of any style to match your jeans and clean pair of shoes.

Most celebrities sagger actually keep their pants from falling off entirely. For example, Andrew Lewis, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber sag to top of their fashion of the day. I did notice that 50% of celebs sag in the world, and those statistics including celebs make or cause others to do so too because celebs are roll models to those whom are not celebrities.

Also if you went some where, where you don't have such the style, or your just someone who is lame then people will make fun of you based off your fashion. So to make things easier for you and your life sag a little with a nice white-T or what ever you have in your closet, and just make what you have look nice. Fresh, clean, and handsome you will be for the rest of your life by all means. Are you scared and or are you worried that you would never have swag, fashion, and a clean style than I suggest that you sag!!

Many fashion experts do agree that sagging is a pleasant fashion for men to wear. Also most people say that with out sagging you would look like Ur cal.

Build an easy access to begin your sagging style whenever you want witch then admits your swag on style lists to famous. Men shall live to tell the tale on when you arose to your new swag. Men shall live to tell others how they began their fashion. Men shall live to tell the tale of all the Intel you have on many sagging fashion tips. Today as never before many men will have fashion after reading this article and will soon be linked to one anther's fashion. There are a thousand reasons to the point of where why men sag in the world. Fashion is style, style is life, life brings problems to your swag. Like I said it kills to look like trash so you sag to feel great and less garbage like.

A man prompted a design of a fashion accessory in 2010 that combines elements of a garter belts and suspenders with adjustable straps that clip onto pants, allowing the wearer to regulate how low-slung they are worn. Those options are open for many men if they want to openly show there fashion.

So through out this whole article you know have the chance to change your life and look forward to a new life.

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