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January 13, 2011
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What do you want to be when you grow up? A movie star? A professional football player? Or maybe just a ballerina? When kids are little they have big dreams, that maybe one day they will accomplish those dreams. According to Christopher Pearman, “Only one in ten kids achieve their lifelong dreams.” Disney Channel builds up these dreams just to crush them into smithereens and spit all over them.
Disney Channel also changes the attitudes of many innocent children. For example, in Hannah Montana Miley gives her dad a lot of “lip” and still gets whatever she wants. These kids see Miley as a role model, so they are going to act how she acts. Miley along with other characters can change kid’s attitude in just one show.
I have seen a girl’s attitude completely change because her parents let her start watching Disney Channel. She turned from a sweet little 9 year old to a snobby brat in what seemed like over just one night. Why would you want this done to your kid?
The kid’s dreams will one day be crushed. The kid’s lives will one day change significantly. The kid’s emotions will one day be angry because they will have realized the truth.
Just imagine those poor kids who grow up with Hannah Montana as their favorite show and they want to be just like her. Then they realize that they most likely will not be able to be the pop star diva they have always dreamed of being. Seeing their poor, innocent faces change will just break your heart. Stomping, screaming, sobbing they will be heart-broken for days.
Telling kids that they will one day get the job of their dreams is like telling a penguin it can fly. This is just not right, kids should not be put into that type of sadness when they are so young.
Having your dreams crushed means absolutely nothing. Right? No, kids do not want their dreams crushed, they want to be able to live them out. In Shake It Up, another show on Disney Channel, Cece and Rocky achieve their dreams on being on the dance show “Shake it Up.” This is not realistic, as many kids would get denied. So why let kid watch this?
Kids have so many dreams and so many plans for their future, but so many of these innocent, sweet kids have no idea that their future will not be what they imagine it to be. For a period of their life they will look like a lost mouse in a corn maze. They will wonder where their life will go, who they will be and why Disney Channel had to build up their dreams and then tear them down.
Kids don’t want their dreams smashed, roasted and torn down. Why put them through so much trouble, when we can fix all their problems with one solution. Don’t let them watch Disney Channel. Just like that their troubles will be gone. Disney Channel is a dream breaking, attitude changing channel that kids don’t need to see.

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