Why do teens act the way they do?

January 13, 2011

The Reason Teens Act the Way They Do?

Imagine a teen goes out one night and gets lost, so he calls his dad but it is 4 A.M. even though he has a GPS in his car. Teens can be very clueless.

There are tons of reasons why teens act the way they do. One reason could be that with all the stress people put on teens to succeed at everything they do. With all that stress teens usually just give up in the end and loose trust with the people around them. Unlike Paris Hilton, teens these days have to work hard which can be stressful. Maybe that is why teens are so stereo-typical.

The list of reason is almost unimaginable, but one reason could be that teens brains don’t function like adults.“The teenage brain is like a Ferrari: it is sleek,shiny,sexy,and fast,and it corners really well. But it also has really crappy breaks.” says Judith Williams. They said when we are a toddler our brains form, well they are thinking that is same thing happening to teens just in a different way.

A reason having to do with our generation is, technology. With technology comes more needs and with more needs comes more problems.

Teens/children will do anything to get what they want. That includes acting out, or not using common sense. Yes most kids will yell and scream to get what they want. But some will act good and kiss up or use bribery just so they can get what they want.

This reason is proven. Teens will function better later in the day. It is normal for teens to be able to stay up late and wake up later, but getting up every morning at 6 A.M. is hard on teens. Scientists from the NYU child center, proved that 20% of teens will fall asleep in the first 2 hours of school. Which means do we push school later in the day? Well it depends on what your school/ school district believe.

One of the more important reasons is,teens are stereo-typed. We argue, we roll our eyes, we make big scenes in front of everyone, and start drama just because. Teens know this stereo type so they just act like it to live up to the worlds expectations of them. The tired, crazy, weird, loud teen is what we all expect. We aren't sure if we are kids or adults so we just get put into some other group that is said to be a group of immature kids growing up and having to learn about the real world. That’s our group in peoples minds, and it soon turned into a reality.

Finally, we feel forgotten. We all want attention from adults along with our peers. When we act out we get that satisfaction we crave. That satisfaction would be, other teens laughing and the adults stopping what they are doing to handle the teen acting out. We make everything over dramatic so people notice and give us there attention. We hide things from people so that they can figure it out later to make them 2 times angrier at you. We make everyone feel bad because, when they feel bad they just talk and talk and talk to you as you soak up their time.

So our teens have there reasons for acting out, and they know why. Every teen has the same issue, which is growing up.

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