smoking in environments with children

January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I think that wen you smoke in a children filled environment area you hurt yourself and the people around you. children can still be killed by second hand smoke depending on your age if young like 2 or 3 it could take little but if around like 6 to 8 it would take more.But it mostly gives children second hand smoke which is just as dangerous and it will still either harm them or even kill them. 5.4 million children are either harmed or killed a year its only 5.4 million a year but that's to much already. Smoking in environments were children are can:kill, harming, and bad for children's lungs and upper respiratory system. But still millions and billions of children are being killed or harmed from it. Why do people smoke in environments with tons of children? When it comes down to smoking you kill and get killed from it. There is my reason why you and people around you should stop smoking in environments with children by the tons like parks, and around school

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