Punch A Victim Where It Hurts

January 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Once a boy was bullied, almost to his grave, driven mad with anger and depression. He unloaded his locker, so his parents wouldn’t have to, and started to walk home, where he would soon commit suicide.But the boy was saved by a young man, who soon became his best friend. From that day Mike was blessed Kyle’s presents, and is alive to this day.

Bullying in schools around the nation has become publicized to the USA, and is becoming a major problem. Victims of bullying are increasing everyday, and now more teens and kids are committing suicide, because of racial comments,religious views, looks, and many more. More than 50% of parents don’t know their daughter or son are being bullied until they have found them dead or seriously depressed.

Victims of bullying sometimes feel alone, scared, defenseless, and unsafe. All those emotions can conclude to suicide or undesirable depression, or hatred of their lives. Any teen or kid who has been bullied, will tell you they are annoyed or vexed by the bullies and their rampages of criticism and childish mocks.

What should people do? Tell a parent, hard to say. Tell a teacher or dean, now even they don’t help, they make it worse. Fight them, if you won’t but it will not help. That will show the bully you are hurt and upset of the remarks he or she are saying, so here is what you do. You just ignore them, the more you ignore a bully, the more they will leave you alone, but if you show them they are getting under your skin, they will come at you more. Like a blood thirsty leach to human flesh.

Bullying is good, bullying is exciting and fun to do, and bullying is freedom from stress. Well its none of those things. Its heart pounding, head mesmerized , a victim is done with everything, and will go to any measure. About 100,000 students carry a gun or weapon to his or her school, just to feel safe, but does this make them dangerous, safe, or a walking hazard? Playground statics say, Adult interventions is 4%, Peer interventions is 11%, and No interventions is 85%, but every 7 minutes a child is harassed or bullied, physically, mentally, or verbally.

Fight for whats right, even if you stand defenseless in your arsenal, and even if you stand by yourself.

Fight for whats right, in this crazy world, of judgemental organisms, ignore all those who hate or despise you, because they only want to be you or they want to have your life. Suicide is the third leading cause of deaths among young people, resulting in 4,400 deaths per year.

Bullying tends to start in 3rd or 4th grade and never ends. bullies tend to grow up as bullies and never usually stop. Victims who have been bullied so frequently, they have trust issues and have bottled up emotions, and tend to alone have defensive problems.

There are a few ways to bully a victim, verbally, to their faces or in person, physically, cause direct pain to their body, resulting in damage or harm.Verbal bullying can occur in over a text message,email, facebook, myspace,or to a victims face. Physical bullying can be one bully against a victim, a group of bullies against a victim, or a violent attack, or riot on a victim or numerous victims. And a big weapon a bully has in there army, is mentally harassing a victim, getting under their skin, into their mind, almost like controlling their mind, and unhinging it from the inside out of a victim. The bully has many options on how to torture a host.

Is bullying just a pathetic way to get attention or to feel better about their lives by bringing others down? And next time you see bullying, or are being bullied, ask yourself. What will you do? So I leave you with those mind boggling questions. Take my tips and you will survive the deadly bullies wrath.

The author's comments:
Bullying was a point that needed to be publicized, and how serious it is. I hope people take this seriously and reflect on this article.

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