The Day Everything Changed

January 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Surrounded by tiny people with backpacks more than half the size of their bodies, eager to start middle school, I start to be come overwhelmed with anxious thoughts. Not long after, the moment of disappointment and shame arrived; the bus was here. For majority of my fellow bus mates it was still just the beginning, but for me it was the beginning of the end, and it wasn’t looking too bright.

It’s my senior year and I’m riding the bus to school. Two years ago I was driving to school. (The car was taken away from my parents due to poor grades.) Trying to think in a closed area with screaming pre-teens isn’t an easy task. I began to reflect on my previous high school years of skipping, pitiful grades, and poor decisions. Opening my eyes to see it’s now or never. I am seventeen, next year I will be a legal adult. I must break from my bad habits, because once an adult it’s simply not acceptable. I was angry with the fact it took me almost until it was too late to realize my flaws. There’s no more time to feel sorry for myself. It’s time to put forth effort, and change what’s holding me back and wasting my potential.

We arrived to the school, and the bus pulls up to the entrance. I walk to first hour with different positive friends, different goals, and an improved attitude.

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