Music In School

January 6, 2011
By , Bedford, IN
The avergae school day is seven hours long which means seven hours of boredom and work. Most kids in school have at least one hour of free time a day and many have as much as two. For example, I have two study halls, and even though I like having two study halls, they can get very boring. For my sixth period study hall I usually always have math homework to work on which keeps me pretty busy. However, in my second period study hall I rarely have any work to do so I sit there bored for 45 minutes. This is why I feel iPods or other mp3 players should be allowed in school. I do not see the harm in letting kids use them in their lunch or study hall.
I have noticed that my second period study hall goes by much faster than my sixth period and I truly believe that is because my teacher lets us listen to our music. He does not let us use our cell phones but he allows us our music if we keep it at a respectable volume and until he’s told otherwise. I look around at the other people in that class and they all seem just a little happier when they’re listening to their music. Many of them share their headphones with their friends as well and there never seems to be a problem with that either. The only rule we have with the music is that it can’t be up too loud and that rule is well respected because no one wants to lose the privelege.
If kids can prove to be responsible with their music in school, why can’t they have it? If it’s not harming anyone else, where’s the harm in having it? Now I do understand that cell phones can cause kids to be distracted and I do agree that those should be left in lockers, but even iPods or mp3 players can help a student get their work done. It certainly makes it a little easier for me to get through my math homework. With that being said, I believe it would be okay to allow iPods and mp3 players in freetime classes. It would motivate kids to do their work and it would make the day go a little bit faster.

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