I'm just a girl

December 20, 2010
By VballChick BRONZE, Williamsburg, Virginia
VballChick BRONZE, Williamsburg, Virginia
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You can't tell me what to do because if you do I will do it wroung. I want to be loved but I don't know the meaning of love. You can't ask a lot from me because I am just a girl. I am a human being and we all do things wroung so why is it that everytime I do something wroung, it feels as though the world is going to fall apart. Maybe it will and I don't know it. And of corse I don't know everything even though I act like I do. Sometimes I change my personality and I don't know who I am and I want to go back to who I was but I can't. I have dreams, you can't crush them because they will some how come back into mind somewhere down the rode. I can tolerat pain but not a broken heart. Sometimes I might hate you then turn around and then hug you. they have givin me wings so I can fly and I want to fly but where will I go? When will I leave the past and go to the future? Thats for the heavens to know and for me to find out.

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