Do you ever wonder?

December 25, 2010
I was thinking, reading all these articles on love and relationships..and well I am finally in a relationship I feel comfortable with. Sometimes I wonder what people define a "good" relationship as. Is it when you can laugh and giggle and run all around, even if everyone else is so quiet? When your boyfriend is not only your lover but your bestfriend? The one you confine in? Or are some people only in a relationship just to, well, be in one. I always wonder how people my age feel, (I am 13, 14 in a couple of days) when they see couples, older than them...they can go and do anything they want..and yet since I am young and as some people say not ready for love I cannot do the same. I wish I could. Especially with whom I am with now, I want them to meet my family because I do not think they understand, do they? How depressed I feel when I do indeed have someone to love, and yet I barely ever see them..when I want to experience life with them. I guess that is all I want in a relationship..I want to help and support and love someone throughout life and make there experiences, worthwhile. And for someone to do the same for me...what do you think?

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