Future iPod App/Future of Schools

January 4, 2011
By Alex Quast SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alex Quast SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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29) The app that I would make is a music app that lets you take the songs that you have on your Smartphone/iPod/iPad that lets you “mash up” 2 or more songs to make into a new song. What you would do is pick 2-4 songs to put into your mash up a break them down into the segments you want in your new song. Then, you can add some back-up music/transitional music so the new song sounds good as you transition from one song to the next. This will help students show off their creativity and will primarily be used for fun. This could be a popular app because the idea of mash ups have been very popular lately thanks to Glee.
30) I think in 2015 kids will still be going to school, but it will be much more independent than it is today. There will be more hybrid-style classes than ever. Hybrid classes are set up so that classes only meet about half the amount of a normal class, which gives students more freedom. I think most assignments will be given online and that paper worksheets will become unpopular. Computers will begin to replace notebooks. Kids will still go to school, but students will have more freedom because more classes will be hybrid. Teachers will still be at the schools, but classes wouldn’t meet every day because of them being hybrid and teachers will become more like mentors or guides than teachers.

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