Siren Perfume

January 4, 2011
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This ad was created by Paris Hilton to help sell her perfume. She is targeting young white women who like to wear perfume. Most people might notice the ad because they recognize who is in the picture. Paris Hilton uses herself in the ad, thinking it will help draw people to it. Paris is a well known, wealthy model and this helps her create ads to sell her products. Though, for many people it is the opposite, and they will not buy her products because Paris has created a self image of being a stupid, spoiled, ditz.

In the picture, Paris Hilton is wearing nothing more than a gold coined mermaid tail with only her long hair covering her breasts. She is sitting on a rock that sticks out of the water. The mermaid theme goes along with her perfume bottle that resembles a seashell and has a mermaid charm hanging from it. There is a gold moon and somewhat of a Greek structure behind her. All of the gold in the picture gives off a wealthy goddess feeling. And every girl wants to feel like a goddess. The water splashing on the rock behind her could suggest that her perfume has a clean scent because water is clean.

To many women, Paris Hilton is not the prettiest girl. Men, on the other hand, find her to be “hot” and “sexy”. So women generally would not want to buy a perfume because it is by Paris Hilton. The picture may make Paris look like she is a goddess. But it acts as though girls need to smell beautiful to be beautiful. Or that only wealthy woman can wear this perfume.

A healthy message is not being communicated in this ad because there is not a lot to this picture. As usual, it is all about Paris. We don’t know anything about her perfume and there isn’t a catchy slogan or anything. It says Siren by Paris Hilton and that’s it. But how do we know what it smells like? I’m sure no one knows what a mermaid smells like. It doesn’t tell you where you can purchase the perfume and it doesn’t give you a price.

The ad is just another picture of Paris Hilton, which we see everyday, trying to sell a line of hers using her beautiful face and body. Maybe women who know the spoiled, rich star who can’t sing like I do will convince them not to buy her perfume. It’s just another simple picture that people will flip right past while reading a magazine.

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Aspiringauhor said...
Jan. 9, 2011 at 12:16 pm
I agree with you totally and completely. There are too many bad ads out there nowadays. Young girls/boys see them and want to be like that. Do we really want our future generations idolizing Paris Hilton? 
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