A Little Girl's Big Dream

January 4, 2011
By Anonymous

I talked to my friend Sophia Cook for my interview. Sophia is a twelve-year-old girl that wants to be a fashion designer. Isn’t it always great to dream big? You know what they say…dreams can come true! In my interview, I ask Sophia questions about her college plans, her boutique on Madison Ave., what her clothes will look like, and so much more! Fashion is an amazing topic to talk about. Once you start talking about it, you just can’t stop! I hope you enjoy my interesting interview. Throughout this interview, I learned that there is no such thing as dreaming too big.
Question: “So what do you want to do as a fashion designer, Sophia?”
Answer: “Well first of all, I would LOVE to have my own fashion line and sell my clothes at a boutique. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I want to call my fashion line ‘BOUNCE’. I really like that name. I want to sell my ‘BOUNCE’ clothes at ‘Sophia’s Closet’!”
Question: “Wow, with that name, I would totally want to shop there! So, do you have any ideas for signature looks?”
Answer: “Well, every fashion design that I create will have a hidden star on it. Hopefully, when they see the star, they’ll know that it was from ‘Sophia’s Closet’!”
Question: “That sounds like a great idea! What type of writing will there be on the tag of all of your clothes?
Answer: “I want to have my name on the tag in cursive.”
Question: “ ‘Sophia Cook’! I can just see it now! Every fashion designer should have a fragrance, what will yours smell like?”
Answer: “My scent will be sort of like a vanilla and coconut scent. Just like Abercrombie, the scent of my fragrance will be on all of my clothes.”
Question: “Have you thought of any names for the fragrance?”
Answer: “I’m going to call it ‘The Closet’, because my boutique will be called, ‘Sophia’s Closet’”.
Question: “Wow! People will walk into your boutique and want to buy your delicious fragrance called ‘The Closet’. In 20 years, I’ll definitely want to smell like the amazing perfume that everyone will want to buy! So, Sophia, what are your college plans?”
Answer: “I’m going to go to Villanova in Pennsylvania for my four undergrad years. Then, for my graduate years, I’m hopefully going to go the big, famous, ‘Fashion Institute of Technology’ in New York!”
Question: “That sounds like an amazing plan. Where will you live?”
Answer: “I want to own either a loft or a townhouse in New York City.”
Question: “Who wouldn’t want to live in the great Big Apple, the fashion capital, right? Where will your boutique be located?”
Answer: “My boutique will be on Madison Avenue, where all of the fabulous stores are! Once my business gets larger, I’ll want to expand my store to Los Angeles, Miami, and Southern California, hopefully I’ll even get MORE business then.”
Question: “Well, I’ll definitely buy from ‘Sophia’s Closet’! Is there any other location where you’ll open your boutique?”
Answer: “After a good, successful amount of years of business, I want to open my boutique in Paris! That would be absolutely amazing.”
Question: “What type of fashion designing are you doing to get started with your wonderful career now?”
Answer: “I own a dress form to make clothes, a mannequin to showcase my clothes, and a sewing machine to actually create the clothes.”
It sounds like Sophia has everything she needs to start designing! All she needs now is talent, which she already has!

The author's comments:
One of my best friends Sophia has a passion for fashion, which made this interview so much fun for me to write!

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