"My worst enemy, yet, my greatest savior"

January 4, 2011
By bhe2pikat BRONZE, Tacloban City, Other
bhe2pikat BRONZE, Tacloban City, Other
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Anger! That’s what I felt every time he lets me remember his annoying rules and standards! I’m so sick of hearing his frustrating words. Those limitations he has been inculcating to me every time. I hate him for threatening me by widening his eyes and scolding me every time I had done a mistake, where in fact, I am too old for it.

The relationship between the two of us had never been perfect! We always oppose each others ideas and point of views. He never gave me the freedom I always wanted to have. Until now I am not yet enjoying my teenage life as much as others do.

I felt so tied up with his expectations! I am pressured to get high grades just to empress everybody! He has so many “bawals”! One of which is, “never go out without his permission” “no boyfriend while studying” “go home early”, no barkada and many more to mention.

I hate him for not trusting me! He always went to school just to check my presence. It results me from being teased by my classmates! They think that I am not trustworthy and that I am still a baby girl whom is always hated-sundo by him! And I hate it!

But as I grew up, I started being mature. I realized that his over-protectiveness is just “leading me to a better me”.

Now I know that all his words are the ones best for me. Those limitations he had been inculcating to me again and again did have a better result, cause without his limitations I might have been a single mom, adik or even a palaboy already!

I realized that scolding me is just a sign that he loves me, because he wants me to become the best that I could be! Now all I know is that I’m very thankful to him!

He was once my worst enemy, but yet, my greatest savior! He is my.. father!

The author's comments:
my article shows the gap between me and my father .. it shows how much i hate my father before ..
I wrote this to inspire other teens out there . I want to share my experiences for them to see the lessons behind it .

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