December 2, 2010
By roadrunner BRONZE, Freeport, Maine
roadrunner BRONZE, Freeport, Maine
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The Bad beginning.

If I were five years old again or even allowed to act in that manner, I would never be claimed by boredom again. I would dare to day dream about parallel dimensions with little green dude with antennae, and where trees could talk and pigs could fly instead of the cliché stories that teenagers are expected to think about. Dragons of course would exist there in that land of Fantasies. They would be plum purple and speckle the skies. There would be towers and castles with one-hundred foot braids hanging out the windows. Lordie, Lordie, hours would be flitted away scaling mountains and searching out adventure.
In this world, social classes wouldn’t define us, nor the brands and the talents. People here would be seen from the inside out. Unlike the world we have built for ourselves today. People would promoted for their traits instead of being looked upon with scorn due to their faults. Since social classes wouldn’t define us, the prince would be allowed to fall in love with the seamstress and the princess the baker. The lawmakers would be righteous and would have fidelity to their constitution by which they stand. The lawyers wouldn’t have to consider taking a case where the person wanting to be defended is guilty.

This world though would have a dark streak, because nothing is ever perfect. In the nearby mountains an antagonistic witch would plague this community. She would be beautiful. She would be materialistically beautiful. This witch would be stunning and radiant on the outside, but dark and ugly on the inside. So she would be ostracized by the town, because of her hideous inner-self. This malignant witch would be the balance as night is to day because without her the world would go off kilter. People need someone to blame, and if not for this certain witch one would find this fantasy to be boring once in a while.
Being in the state of mind of a five year old or even better a five year old , no one would think to criticized one in that state for day dreaming or thinking irrationally. Because when one is young no one says ‘you could never get there or become that person.’ A five year old is expected to dream and reach for the stars. Why is it that a fifteen year old is not allowed to create new fantasies? They have to stick the cliché stories; the popular guy falls for the unpopular girl, then they break up and get back together. People were created to think and have opinions and their own personal ideas like Eadweard Muybridge; who thought and helped commercialize the idea of the “talkies” or films with sound. What if Eadweard hadn’t followed his fantasy? We would be still back with silent movies, and no 7 o’clock news.

Fantasizing to me is quite important. Fantasizing is not just castles and princesses and true love like a great number of people think, but it is more than that; it is the light bulb, indoor plumbing and the dumbwaiter. So why does one have to be young for it?
Try fantasizing; I dare you.
Just once.

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