Fitting In

December 2, 2010
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Expectations. We find them everywhere, school, home, work. We never escape them, even if the things expected of you aren't really important. For instance, take the jock dating the cheerleader. Or the french horn player dating the trumpet boy. What would happen if the french horn player were to date the jock, the cheerleader dating the trumpet boy. Nothing. No one should think badly of them. But there we go again. Expectations. The goths wear black, the preps wear J.Crew, so on and so forth. But why is it this way? What happened to everyone being there own person? With all these expectations, its hard to be your're own person. If only it were easier said than done, to escape from the shadow of society. Even so, without some kind of expectations, we wouldn't really have anything to try for. So with expectations, things occur, good and bad. Still, without some sort of expectations we would be nothing.

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