Oil Spill in Mexico

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Sir. or Madam,
I would like to discuss about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that had happened a short while ago. A ton of gallons of oil have been spread into the Gulf, and is now reaching Louisiana and the white beaches of Florida. Many creatures have been killed and injured, and soon they will be extinct if we do not solve this problem quicker. Many fishermen have to wait a couple of years until they can fish again, so they have been kicked out of the business. Some fishermen have become ill due to the oil they have been surrounded by. It will not be safe to swim or fish for a while, so no one will be able to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico’s waters. This problem is related to what happened in the Roman Empire. Many wealthy families got ill since they cooked or drank with lead utensils. They were eating and drinking poison. Environmental and Public Health Problems are on of the ways the Roman Empire fell apart.
The population of certain animals has been decreasing. The oil has been killing many species and will soon help them become extinct. 150 sea turtles and 316 sea birds were found dead. The cleanup crews have been finding more and more animals, dead, and injured. The animals that are injured are taken back with them to heal. If we do not find a way to stop this, some animals will become extinct and we will never be able to admire them ever again.
The oil is spreading 1800 miles and will keep on spreading. Underneath the sea, there are approximately 17, 39 million gallons of oil. The oil is now going south and is reaching Cuba and Mexico. On April 20, 2010, a boat exploded on the Gulf 50 miles off Louisiana, due to the oil. After the blast, 210, 000 gallons had been added to the amount of oil already in the waters. 126 men were aboard the ship and were killed. The oil is spreading to other countries, polluting the waters, and killing species of animals. We hope that the oil will stop spreading, but all we can do now is try and help.
As the oil spreads, animals die, people become ill, and money is wasted. 150 sea turtles, 316 sea birds, and 126 men have been killed. Many animals are also injured and have been taken care of. The oil is now spreading to Florida, Louisiana, Mexico and Cuba. 7,900 people are helping and 170 boats are helping to clean up the oil. If more people start helping out, we will be able to swim in the water, eat fish and shrimp, and save more animals. This is a serious matter and we are hoping for others support.

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