Pollution in China

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern,
Many people are suffering in this world today because of air pollution. The place with the most air pollution is China. It is affecting many kids and adults that live in there. Little kids can barely breathe. Adults get emphysema and other sicknesses. People who live in Linfen are very weak and it is hard for them to do things. They can barely run or play when they are at school, they have no energy and everything is so polluted they become exhausted even by just walking around for a few minutes. This is all because of the coal mine that is located in Linfen, China.

The coal mine in Linfen is making the air almost impossible to live in. People struggle to live and they get sick very easily. The air contains heavy metal, dust, coal, rocks and many more dangerous things for the people who live in Linfen. Linfen is the most polluted city in China. Eighteen out of twenty polluted areas are in China. This is very hard for the people in China. They literally breathe dirt. Because of the nasty things in the air, China smells like rotten eggs; it isn’t a very nice smell to live in. Many people are used to it but many people say that visiting Linfen is like going to a place with no air. Only one percent of 650 million citizens actually get to breathe “air.” People have tried leaving Linfen but it is impossible because they can’t leave their jobs. I suppose it is like being trapped in a box with no air or any medical care. The sun sets before it is supposed to and disappears into the pollution in the air. Just imagine how your life would be like if you would be living in Linfen. People are more worried about the air then the coal mines but not many are doing anything about it. But I know that if people would know how horrible it is to live in a place like Linfen they would try to do something about it.

It isn’t always easy to get to Linfen. Airports are shut down very frequently because of poor visibility. Even from space shuttles you can’t see all of China. All you can see is a blob of smog over China. This is a much polluted place and it is a pretty harsh place to live. People ride their bikes in all over the place, but they wear masks so that they are more protected from the things in the air. Lots of small bugs and dangerous viruses invade the air, including big things like coal, and heavy metal. I know I mentioned this before, but, many people need help and we all can help by doing simple things.

We can help Linfen; we can help all of China if we just help out. We would be able to help China become visible from satellites again, and let people breathe nice fresh air. We can do this by planting seeds and letting them grow into trees. We can let the coal mine rest for a while. Although the government has already burst a hole through the mountains the sky is still brown. Most of the things in China are made by coal. Such as electricity, eighty percent of electricity is used during the day; which seventy percent of the electricity has coal in it. Why don’t we help China reduce amounts of electricity used throughout the day, and let the citizens see blue sky again?

Just planting something and taking care of it is all you have to do to reduce the air pollution in China. Slowly, with help from you and others, there will be a change. We would have helped the people in China. They would be able to breathe fresh air, but without your help this will not occur. So plant a tree, recycle, help China, and I know that you will be proud of yourself. It is a gift to China that almost no one wants to give. But with a little motivation, I know that we can help.

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