Work Less, Make More

November 26, 2010
Since day one, society drills us with the message that if we work hard, it will all be worth it in the future. But is that message really the truth? Why is it that those who work for a cause are paid less than those who don’t do anything at all- say reality stars? We’ve all heard the big news that Mike “The Situation” of Jersey Shore is joining that cast of Dancing with the Stars or that Kim Kardashian just launched her new perfume. But why is it that these “celebrities” are paid more money than doctors, teachers, or even the president!
According to the article,”Reality TV: What’s the Big Deal?”, the taste of what Americans like to watch has evolved over the years. Once fans of the fiction in TV shows, Americans have now enjoyed watching the “real life” of reality stars. Why? Well it’s all due to the drama the reality show brings. Let’s face it, Americans would rather be entertained by someone’s dramatic life than their own. People can tune in to watch the adventures of Kate Gosselin with her kids on Kate Plus 8, the wild life of the Jersey Shore cast, and even the latest catfight on The Housewives of New Jersey. As reality shows become more popular, the reality stars salaries has increased.
For instance,’ Mike “The Situation” went from making $3,000 per episode on the first season of Jersey Shore to $27K-45K per episode for season 3.’ (Reagan). Not only that, he gets paid additionally with the endorsements and latest public appearances. Unlike reality stars, an average American makes about “$51,206 annually with a bachelor’s degree and $74,602 with an advanced degree” (Longley).
A huge contrast, we might as well drop out of school, move to L.A, New York, or Miami, and act as obnoxious and crude as possible.

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