A Dad, A Little Boy, and A Chip Bag.

December 11, 2010
By Lils101 SILVER, San Diego, California
Lils101 SILVER, San Diego, California
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Today I was volunteering at the event called Toy for Joy and it's amazing because the families and little kids have so little, but they are so thankful. Do you know how many times I was offered a toy from a little/boy who had none. We have so much compared to a lot of people. Today I saw a sight to my eyes that made a HUGE impact on my life, there was a dad, a little boy, and a chip bag. They dad was scrapping the chip bag clean and giving every little bit to his son because that was there meals for the day, they were so thankful for everything. We have so little but so much to give. Whenever you are feeling selfish think of the dad, the little boy, and the chip. We can all scrap something of ours and give it to someone. Doesn't matter if it's time,food,toys,clothing, ANYTHING, but whoever you give it to they will be thankful. Just think.

The author's comments:
"People have so little, but still so much to give." Believe it or not humans are so selfish and every single one of us why not try to help out or be less selfish. It will feel great and wonderful,

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