December 10, 2010
By killacali BRONZE, Watsonville, California
killacali BRONZE, Watsonville, California
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I am writing about drug cartels and the bad influence they have on Mexican states and its borders. Drug cartels are fighting a war against Mexican law over power of Mexico. It has turned into a bloody ground. I am against and we must act. Mexican cartels don’t just hurt Mexico. They hurt the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa. We need to help Mexico stop the cartels. When the cartels bring drugs to our country, more and more people become addicted. Cartels are the suppliers of drugs to gangs in and out of prison. If our government doesn’t want crime in the streets, then “stop the cartels”. Horrifying things have happened to people who have stood in the way of the cartels. Murder, slaughter, and torture are mainly it.

I am against the murdering of innocent people. The cartels kill people to prove that they have all the power and they are unstoppable. What if you were a resident to a Mexican city and you would be kidnapped and then tortured till death? That is what these people are facing with these drugs cartels. No one should have to go through this. It is not right at all. The worst thing of all is that the police, who are supposed to protect the people living there, fear these cartels. It’s bogus.

This drug war just doesn’t affect Mexico it affects other countries. Drugs are killing everyone and the distribution must stop. News reports say that drug trafficking has become bigger than ever. Mexico is the main supplier. The United States and other countries are getting drugs by the ton. The D.E.A takes care of the drug trafficking here in the United States but only if there was a D.E.A in Mexico there wouldn’t be problems like these

One might disagree with me because of fear from cartels. Some even think that what they do is right or its Mexico’s problem not ours. But no, they are wrong. If we don’t want our families to get drugs introduced to them or for them to find them enjoyable, we must help our neighbors fight this problem. Also it is not right to kill innocent people for the hell of it. It is not right at all.

The drug cartels are hurting innocent people for no reason. Drug and violence are no laughing matter. It just takes people to the cemetery. So please consider helping our border neighbors in stopping these senseless crimes. Do the right thing and speak up. There is nothing to fear. Try to help me put an end to this.

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Anartism said...
on Feb. 28 2012 at 4:28 pm
You neglected to mention that this the United States problem due to the fact that the weaponry the cartels are using come directly from the United States


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