excuse me can you move please MOVE

December 8, 2010
By Breskix3 BRONZE, New Yokr, New York
Breskix3 BRONZE, New Yokr, New York
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Complaint box: MTA Traffic

Excuse me I have to get through…Excuse me… MOVE!!!!!

I absolutely hate it when I try to get on the train or bus, and I can’t because some people want to stand in the very front. There’s so much more space in other areas. Do you really have to stand right there?
The sign clearly says, “Stand behind the closing doors,” or “Stand behind the yellow line.” Key word: BEHIND. SO WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN??? I understand you want to stand next to the door, but on the bus, there’s another door in the back, and two more on the train.
One time I was running late, and I had to take the bus. As I walked up the steps and paid my fair, I realized I could barley make it through half the mass of people. It wasn’t even rush our. The whole back of the bus was practically empty.

You aren’t the only people who have to get somewhere! How about when you have to get on the train and this mob of people just bum rush you. I mean come-on! Can’t you be just a little considerate?

Last time I was taking the six train. I waited until all the people got off the train, because I didn’t want to be rude and push people just to get a seat. Finally all the people cleared out, and as I stepped off the platform, and onto the train, a lady totally pushed past me, and smacked me in the face with her bag. At least say excuse me.
Same goes for when you want to get off the train or bus. I mean most people just stare at you like your crazy. HELLO I’m talking to you, saying excuse me, making gestures with my arms. Do I have to write it on my forehead? Please MOVE.
Some times I just don’t understand people. Why are they just standing there not moving? It’s so aggravating; they wouldn’t want it done to them, so why do they do it? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

The author's comments:
well i hate when this happenes to me nd i dont think im the only one

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