The Second Amendment

December 4, 2010
By BurgGirl GOLD, Portsmouth, Ohio
BurgGirl GOLD, Portsmouth, Ohio
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The dog barks in the background, the kids carry on even though they have been told to hush up for the thousandth time. Brian Williams flashes on the television set reading from the NBC teleprompter. His deep voice vibrates in the ear drums of millions across the nation every night at 6:30. Tonight’s headlines: the Oil Spill in the Gulf, the War in Iraq, and a School Shooting. School Shooting echoes in the heads of many as hearts break, stomachs drop, and tears wrench. A gun, took the lives of many innocent men, women, and children. Who does one hold accountable for letting this happen? It all dates back to 1787, on September 17, where 39 delegates including; George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and many great others gathered to put the fait of our nation in motion. The real question at hand; are our founding fathers murderers? Who knew one document , one section, one phrase would ratify the lives of many 223 years later. These words: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

When I ponder on my personal right to bear arms protecting myself is the thought that jumps to the front of my cranium. Unfortunately in today’s society there are dangers most of which are other human beings and their greed or want of neighbor’s goods. Therefore, weapons, such as guns, are used for protection by both our protective services or oneself for “self-defense against criminal conduct” (Levinson). Our founding fathers also used guns for protection, more so against animals rather than people. It is horrific to grasp the reality that this right is used by thousands of Americans in order to protect themselves everyday.

The second amendment is one of the most controversial and difficult to decipher amendments. Many historians believe that the founding fathers included this amendment in order to ensure state military power. An example of state military usage would be our law enforcement and the National Guard. This is a vital aspect in today’s world, because the National Guard aids the nation in crisis’, as well as fighting overseas and other diverse tasks. This amendment ensures the militia a certain amount of power.

223 years ago rebels revolted against the British Government and military forces. It is said when a government is out of control one must use force to alter or overturn the current government. If the United States government would gain too much power and rage out of control, no longer a government for the people by the people, a revolution would surely be started in order for radical change. Power and force would need to be applied to do so, thus the need for the second amendment. Without this right the citizens wouldn’t have the means necessary to enforce such a change. It was an aspect our founding fathers knew the true importance of. They wanted to ensure the future of America the opportunity and the capability to do the courageous actions they once did to form America, if necessary. (secure independence)

Sometimes it seems as if this right does create more violence and harm others, than it does good. Contrary to this belief that is why safety classes are given and registration is required. If guns were outlawed they would become an even bigger issue, because they would in turn be purchased and used illegally. Then forcing the government to focus on punishing those with guns and turn away from the real important issues our nation must resolve.

Society has progressed tremendously throughout the years however, many old customs and rituals are still practiced today, such as hunting. This has been an ancient way of providing food for the human race. Some people still hunt for those exact reasons, on the other hand it has also evolved into a sport and hobby. This sport or way of providing for oneself wouldn’t be possible without the right to bear arms.

We the people of New York, New York wouldn’t be caught at night in Harlem without a gun. We the people of Louisville, Kentucky couldn’t imagine going hunting without our guns. We the people of Norfolk, Virginia couldn’t do our job without a gun. The right to bear arms started out as a freedom ensured by our 39 delegates 223 years ago, but it has now evolved into a way of life. In the United States of America it stimulates the economy with a plethora of jobs, acts as a sense of security for others, or maybe some sort of hobby for a few, and even a topic of debate for those in suits. The right also secures independent choice to each individual. The second amendment though often overlooked, plays a huge aspect in the beating heart of American society. The freedoms ensured by this particular amendment are visible wherever you go and affect every life in some way. Ask yourself what would the land of the free be like without this constituently granted right?

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The prompt was the importance of the second amendment.
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