What Did I do?

December 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Sitting on the curb waiting for him to pull up to pick me up at anytime. I have these thoughts cross my mind. Answerless queastions floating around me making me dissy. It doesnt make sence all those hints saying Im just being used.
"Baby I won't cheat on you I love you too much" Crosses my head does he mean it or am I just to blind to see? You begged and begged but it seams like it was worthless using all my love up for your confidence. I am Sitting in my room looking at all my years books seeing all the pictures you are in with other girls with this hudge smile on your face. Thinking at all the fights we got into over something stupid like this you with them and not me. I love you but I cant trust any more. My mom calls me down and gives me a letter its from my boyfriend.

Dear Alexis,

I Loved you and I am a bad person I didn't know how to explain this to you. Without us always getting into fights. I hated when we fighted. I cry myself all the time because I wanted to tell you I cheated. You knew what was going on it was no secret. I thought it was love everything we did together. I always thought we would last but these are my final words. Good Bye foever.

I sat in my room and cried myself together. He truley loved me but he never told me. He was to scared of the truth and now I know.

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