November 25, 2010
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So there's this new band called Burnham. Some people might compare
them to the Jonas Brothers. But they are wrong. Sure, they have
similarities like they're all brothers and that their last name is the
name of their band. Their music is way different it's a mixture of rock & pop. Plus they have been a band for 7 years! I believe this up and coming band will go big! The
youngest band member Forrest is only 14 years old. He has a really
powerful voice! Andre who is 17 plays the bass and the oldest Alex who
is 18 plays the guitar. Their first single "Catch me if you can" is on iTunes now. And their latest EP "Almost Famous" is also on iTunes featuring their first single "Catch Me If You Can" and their new songs "Automatic", "Don't Be Shy" and their music video for Catch Me If You Can. This band of brothers just finished their tour with JUSTIN
BIEBER! They were the opening act! Yes, this is
absolutely amazing since they were just a small band living in
Vermont. But, now they're living their dream and sharing music with
the world!

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