Can You Fly

November 9, 2010
You're in a dream,
not living your life,
and I don't get why;
when you're wonderful inside,

believe you can fly,
know you can soar
believing and knowing is all that you need to know now;
forget about everything that's going on and
keep your mind straight
focus on you and no one else
because it's true,
you're wonderful
and no one can deny it now

because you can soar
way above all the things
that once were obstacles

because you can hope
because you can dream
because you believe
because you know,
that everything will be alright
just gotta make it right

because you can fly
no matter what the say
because you can soar
proving everybody wrong

soaring through the sky
feeling weightless

go flying
go soaring
believing and knowing is all that you need to know now
so forget everything and wake up
see the truth
you're wonderful

live everyday like it's your last yeah
cause it's true, you're you,
you make everyone feel better

flying and soaring is all that you need know now

it's your turn
your time to shine
show them all what you can do
show them all that you're you
so shine

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