Drum Beats

October 31, 2010
By nightlydancer SILVER, Bellbrook, Ohio
nightlydancer SILVER, Bellbrook, Ohio
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Let us ring the bells of fury, strike the notes of rage. We will beat at the drums of war. Let it come, they roar. Let it come. My heart pumps fast at the thought of what they are trying to evoke. The need to scream out wells up inside of me. At how blind, and so confused by the veil of hatred they are. Is it truly possible they can't see what they are trying to do. Do they realize they are asking for pain, death and suffering. That is all they will achieve from this. Yet they still don't see. My breath comes quick, with fear I run. With only hope to spur me on. Hope I could make it. Perhaps convince them of their wrongdoings. I run to my own beat/ A tempo most frantic, one that races and surges forward. Fighting to stay ahead of the drum beats, that nip at my heels, pushing from behind, trying to over power the rapid beat of my heart. Give me hope I scream. Give me strength I cry. Let me make it, let me survive. Please help me silence the beat of the drums.

The author's comments:
It reminds me of Indians, though I also feel that is predominantly about those who are angered and wish to go to war and the ones who see how foolish war is, and the deadly race to stop it.

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