April Newcomb- Bad mom?

October 29, 2010
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April Newcomb should not be held accountable for all her actions. For one, she told the truth about what she did wrong. Also, she made sure her daughter didn’t get hurt. Lastly, she didn’t jump in.

It’s good she admitted she was wrong because she told the truth; therefore, she’s not a liar. She told why she cheered on her daughter. And she told why she came to the fight.

Furthermore, it’s good she made sure her daughter didn’t get hurt because, one, it shows she is a supportive mother. Two, it shows she loves her daughter. And third, it shows she cares for her daughter’s safety.

Lastly, it’s good that she didn’t jump in because then she wouldn’t be a good influence anymore. She could make sure no one else jumped in. And she could make sure no one got hurt.

But, the other mother was there and she was talking and did the same thing April. So why didn’t she get charged? The other mother wasn’t caught on tape like April was, so the other mother didn’t get charged. But the other mother was there so therefore, if April got charged, then so should the other mother. We should be helping April Newcomb, not punishing her.

In conclusion, April Newcomb is not a bad mom and should get her charges dropped because, she told the truth. She made sure her daughter didn’t get hurt. And finally, she didn’t jump and made sure no one else did either.

Let’s help April instead of punishing her when what she did wasn’t all her fault.

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Futureisdoomed said...
Apr. 18, 2015 at 3:10 pm
You have got to be high! April showed up to the fight with a drink in her hand and a cigarette in her mouth. The girl on bottom taking a savage beating was April's daughter instead of caring about the welfare of her daughter she encouraged her to fight on. It was actually the mother of the girl who was winning the fight who drove to the scene and tried to get the fight broken up. Furthermore, the mother of April's opponent also was the one who pressed charges against April. April got a hu... (more »)
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