Retract Those Claws!

October 29, 2010
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What happens to a mom when she drives her daughter to a fight, and then cheers her on? She gets charged with child abuse! In Palmetto, Florida, 39 year old April Newcomb drove her daughter to a fight. While there, she is heard edging her daughter on! What kind of a parent does that? I mean as a mom, wouldn’t you try to stop the fight? The worst part is that this was all over an ex-boyfriend! What’s that old adage? The apple never falls far from the tree! I believe April should be held accountable for her actions and be charged with child abuse. Although, fighting is nothing new in Palmetto, Florida. There have been other fights, one where a boy was killed in 2001 and another where a mother and daughter were struck in the head with pipes, this fight happening just four days after the fight involving April. I have one question. What do the people of Palmetto put on their cereal in the morning?

To begin with, think of all the mental abuse April put her child through. I mean I wonder what April said when her daughter told her about the fight. Daughter - “Hey mom, I’m gonna fight some girl today okay?” April-“Sure, whatever, oh but make sure you wear a coat, okay, it’s getting cold outside.” April didn’t care and didn’t try to stop it; April probably didn’t even acknowledge the fact that her daughter could get hurt.

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Now, according to the videos on CBS News and AOL News, April can be heard edging and cheering her daughter on! Yelling things like, “Don’t stop!” and, “Punch her again!” Whoa! Retract the claws, Kitty cat! I mean that’s like telling your kids that for family game night we are all going to play pass the porcupine! At one point April is heard cursing at her daughter. She obviously wanted her to win the fight. April didn’t do one thing to try to stop the fight.

Lastly, I want you to think about the physical abuse her daughter received from the fight (which April did nothing to stop). April argues she went to make sure that her daughter didn’t get hit in the back of the head, where two years ago she fractured her skull. I wonder how that happened, with a wonderful mother like April around! April was married to an abusive husband who was always hitting her. Maybe that’s how her daughter got those skull fractures. It may be a smart idea for us to look into this; there could be some reason why this mother might be encouraging her daughter to protect herself. Hmmmmm……

Some may argue that the other mother was there and wasn’t arrested, so why was April? Well, I believe that she should have been arrested too. During the fight, the two women are seen talking to each other as If they were having a casual conversation! The other mother wasn’t heard yelling and cursing at her child to keep going and fight harder, April was; this is why April was arrested and not the other mother. April Newcomb should be charged with child abuse because of the mental and physical abuse she caused her child. Let’s not forget the fact that she can be heard edging her child on during the fight. Both April and her daughter need some help,

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but, that does not mean that April should not be held accountable for her actions. She should be thrown in jail; her daughter should be taken away from her and be placed into a better household.

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