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October 29, 2010
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Mother arrested for child abuse on footage, but the crowd walks away free of charge. Does this sound fair to you, or am I just crazy? Two girls who aren't friends, get mad at each other. They then, go to their mothers, and instead of building a jigsaw puzzle with them; it is substituted for a catfight and the mothers having front row seats. The crowd is watching not with horror, but with glee at the two stupid teens that are brawling it out, all over the Internet. Yes, I said the Internet. The phones of the crowd that recorded it all were sent all over you tube. First of all, all of the crowd are instigators, and then on top of that the crowd didn't help stop the fight, and finally, who's to say the crowd didn't start the fight in the first place.

Back to the subject. So yeah, the crowd is filled with instigators. The mom was cursing, which sounds like a big hoopla of fun, and some of the crowd probably were too. What about the person who thought the fight was dumb? The reporters should have asked him why they were fighting, instead of asking about his opinion on the fight. How can you even trust the person who said the fight was dumb, for all we know it can be one of the girls great grandfathers. If you were going to a pro football game and something bad happens, like if the refs make a bad call, you might scream at the team or the refs so that the play or call will be reviewed. You wouldn't just sit there and not be involved in the game, you would be angry because the result of that play is your biggest concern right now. Why isn't a teenage student in Palmetto Florida really focused on academics? Is she is busy starting fights with other fellow students? If you ask me, she should shove her nose into some books and try to get into a decent collage, instead of living in her mothers basement. Oh wait her mom is in jail.

Anyway the crowd didn't do anything to help stop the fight, the best thing the spectators could do was flip out their phones, and record the entire shebang. I'm sure that was pure instinct that made the crowd do that because right now at this vary second, billions of people are getting phones, with the 14 megapixels yata yata yata. The fact that a person could be so stupid drives me insane. If I were one of the people in the crowd, I would get in there, and if I couldn't stop the fight, I would call a parent with my "phone".

Wait a second, how do we know the crowd didn't start the fight? Has anybody ever heard of gossip? Gossip is when something completely ordinary turns into something completely exaggerated. One minuet the sentence says, “Hi want to be friends,” then it all of a sudden gets changed around to, “Yo dog I want to sock you in front of the whole high school and make sure you bring your snuggies and your grandpa.” Do you think two people who don't like each other are going to say they want to beat each other up in each other’s faces? That is one reason why kids have cell phones, to text people. One of the girls probably gossiped about one of the girls saying something something, and then it
probably got passed around by the use of phones until it got to the other girl. The facts turn out in the end that the two girls were fighting over an x boyfriend that just got out of jail. What must the boy think? Is he satisfied with the fight or disgusted with it? I think each girl; mom and each member of the crowd should be severely punished and put into a class where they can be taught how to deal with their problems.

What is the mayor doing that makes his town so feisty and angry? If I were the mayor of Palmetto Florida, I would hire more police forces and more kinds of work forces, because it seems whenever there is a fight, the cops are never there. There were other cases, like one where two boys brutally assaulted another boy from their school and killed him, in a parking lot. The cops were nowhere in sight, and the chief of police
was probably sitting down gnawing on a pound of jelly filled donuts. One of the boys was charged with manslaughter and was sentenced for just a couple years, instead of a lifetime in jail. I wish one day that the boys and girls at Palmetto high school will realize that this kind of behavior is not accepted anywhere else in
The United Sates.

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J.B.123 said...
Dec. 2, 2010 at 8:49 am
this is good
K9Hillman said...
Dec. 2, 2010 at 8:47 am

your welcome


Bryan2217 said...
Dec. 2, 2010 at 8:47 am

your welcome


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