The media and Teens

October 27, 2010
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The media never lets anything go. It’s always the latest gossip. It’s almost like a race to see who can get to the latest news. There’s always something they can do to get money and attract attention to someone else. The media is arguably the worst thing that has ever happened to pop culture. Although the media is the center of all current events, they do not live up to their name. Despite the convenient information the media provides, they ruin the reputations of celebrities, spread false information, and they can put teens’ lives in danger.

These examples of the media’s actions are all around us. If you walk into any gas station or grocery store, you’ll most likely see numerous magazines all gossiping about the latest news. We here stories of people cheating on their girlfriend or boyfriend all the time. However, when Tiger woods cheated, the whole world new about it all of a sudden. That really hurt Tiger’s reputation as the world’s greatest golfer. He knew that what he did was wrong and he was sorry for it. He didn’t need the entire world reminding him of it to realize that it was wrong.

There is also certain information that the media will keep to themselves if they don’t want that information to get around. For example, every year there is a gathering of Pro-life people to protest against abortion. When the media announces it, they will intentionally miscalculate the number of people, thus making it seem like there is a low percentage of Pro-life people. What the media should have done was just faced the facts and told the truth. They did provide the information; they just didn’t do it the right way.

A lot of information that the media puts on the internet can change a teen’s perspective about something drastically, and can put them in a terrible situation. If the media says that there’s nothing wrong with marijuana, and they state some facts telling why it’s not bad, then a teen might be persuaded to try it. Then he/she will say to themselves, “Hey, this stuff isn’t so bad.” Then they start to think that maybe cocaine isn’t so bad, and they try it. Soon enough, they’re in the hospital because the media told them that marijuana isn’t bad.

The media is basically a drama-filled, miscalculating, reputation ruining idea. Its main purpose should not be to hurt or cut down the lives of others, but to spread good, clean, helpful information. So Tiger made a mistake. The media needs to leave him alone. He knew it was wrong. The same goes for Lindsey. The media shouldn’t go changing the way people feel about her. The media also shouldn’t put a teen’s life in danger just because they think marijuana isn’t bad.

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