Oops I did it Again

October 25, 2010
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I believe in the power of being a blonde, not a wanna be blonde- I’m talking full blown natural blonde. Being blonde has its embarrassing moments but with those moments my excuse can and will always be I’m a blonde in can’t help it, and they leave me alone.

I am always tripping on nothing. I can find away to trip on the line on the basketball court. Yes, that’s me, a person who can’t walk and talk with out tripping on thin air. People make fun and joke about it but I know that other people’s lives would be boring it I wasn’t around for all those blonde moments.

One time when I was playing basketball back when I was in eighth grade, I was running down the court happy because I just helped score a basket. So here I was running down the court and I get to like the three point line and kerplop! There I go, face first into the court. It would hurt but then all I could do was laugh. I would get up and keep playing but I just cold not stop laughing.

Then half-time would come around and the coach just had to make sure that he brought up that I fell and then my face would get all red and I would start laughing again.

For the longest time, I would be at practice having fun and learning lots and someone would pass me the ball and it would slip right though me hands. It would always make everyone laugh but me and hence the nickname Butterfingers. Everyone on the boy’s basketball team would always bring it up and think that they are so funny.
Even when I write I have my moments and I can’t help but feel stupid when I have to ask how to spell a word that a kindergartener can spell without even thinking hard about it. My mom says that it adds to my personality but I think that she is just being nice; I mean she has to be nice to me, she’s my mom.
I don’t think that everyone can handle being a blonde. It takes a great deal of respect for yourself and being able to not be embarrassed easily. I know that having this amazing natural colored hair makes me special and turns me into a one-of-a kind.

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