"Live to the Fullest"

October 22, 2010
By , Lexington, NE
“Have the courage to live. Anyone can die.”

The quote “Have the courage live. Anyone can die.” by Robert Cody was fascinating. I really liked this quote because it’s true everyone has to live their life the way they want and not like others wish or want them to live. Everyone has to live their life as if there was no tomorrow to look on forward too. They also have to enjoy their life and not worry about what others think about you or say about you. Everyone is unique and everyone should live his or her life uniquely. No ones life depends on other people everyone can live and have fun and only the people that accept you just the way you are the people that you should live and enjoy your life with. Everyone has the right to live their lives like they want to because everyone has one life and it should not be wasted on thinking about what others think about you or thinking about whether people that you are living your life they right way. The opinion of other people towards how you are living your life does not matter because they could just say things that are bad about you so that you can change and be different and be like they want you to. Everyone should think positive about himself or herself so that others don’t come into their lives and ruin it for them. One person has one life and one life belongs to only one person and to nobody else and it should be lived to the fullest like if it was the last day and the was no tomorrow around the corner to be waiting for you to start a new beginning.

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