What did I do?

September 22, 2010
By , Iowa City, IA
What do they want me to do? What is this place? Why is it dark? I think I'm scared. its dark. and gloomy. and smells weird. i get up. i walk forward. I bump into a lot of bars. it hurt. I turn. i bump into a strong cement wall. i walk the other way. its the same. A person comes. He holds up a stick with a light on it. I shield my eyes. "Come" is the only thing he says. He was wearing a blue hat and suit. He had a hollow metal bent tube in his belt. What was that? I am lead to a big room with a lot of seats. Lots of people sit around me. Staring at me. I wave my hand. They look frightened and turn away. A big man comes to the tallest desk and bangs a big stick. I cover my ears. The man with the blue suit uncovers them. "Order! All rise" the man with the big black cloak says. He says some stuff, but the rest is just a murmur to me. The big black cloaked man stops for a second. "Guilty! Sentenced to the electric chair on September 13, 2009. Dismissed." What did that mean? The man in the blue suit leads me back to the weird dark place. I beg him, don't leave me here in the dark! He pushes me into the room. I look into his eyes. Fear. Fear is all I see. I fall asleep. Couple days later, I awake. The blue suited man leads me to a lighter room with a big chair. The suited man pushes me down into the chair. Immediately, gray shiny bars go around my writs and ankles. I am frightened. The blue suited man leaves. I hear a 5,4,3,2,1. next thing i know is darkness. Eternal darkness. What did I do?

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