Hunger games style and US fashion

September 13, 2010
By z b BRONZE, Ks Mo, Kansas
z b BRONZE, Ks Mo, Kansas
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Have you ever thought of dyeing your body green? Or maybe your hair purple? In the capitol wacky fashions aren’t weird and outrageous patterns aren’t odd, they are normal. The US prefers subtle colors and elegant patterns because the people there like to blend in. Flashy colors odd designs all of that and more in Suzanne Collin’s Hunger games, but when it comes to style the US is more quiet.
In the capitol hair is vibrant and bright, but in the US hair is more natural. The capitol has different ideas about hair color than America does. It is common to have lime green or magenta hair in the book. Kanissis stylists have aqua, and purple hair. In society most hair dyes are focused on people that don’t want to go gray or people who want a new hair color that looks natural. So the colors are naturally more subtle a soft shade of red or light brown highlights. The capitol likes to stand out and society likes to blend in. And as for style the two couldn’t get any different. In the capitol hair is outrageously styled, it can be in spikes or in complex braided designs. The US has more elegant designs, there could be big curls, or there could be a bun. In the US there are bobby pins, brooches, and fake flowers for your hair but in originality they don’t touch the Capitol. The book mentioned glittery butterflies add- ons and golden flashy ribbions. People there could easily spend hours in the hair salon every other day. So all in all the Capitol is a lot more creative down to its root.

Tattoos are beautiful, painful, and colorful in the US they are more controlled, but in the capitol there is no limit. The capitol’s tattoo’s are more wide spread than the Us’s . Instead of having a butterfly on your ankle your entire body would be dyed purple. There are a lot less recognizable designs in these tattoos. The book mentioned gold tattoos on one of Katniss’s stylists but the tattoos weren’t flowers they were unrecognizable blobs of color all over her face. In the US the tattoos are mor design oriented. There aren’t many people who walk around with neon blue skin in Kansa City at least. There are more flowers, names, and maybe even flames, here but not full body. Here the tattoos really aren’t (on most people) on your face, or your hands. They are more on your upper arm, or on your ankles. Here in the America people get tattoos for a reason, whether it’s a sentimental thing, or maybe they felt rebellious, but there is always a reason. In the capitol you got a tattoo because it was in style, not because you wanted to have something on your body to remember someone forever.
The way one looks is a statement, something that every single person one meets that day will see. It can show emotion, or it can show personality, and one wears it because they want to. Clothes makeup and hair usually change pretty frequently because of a little thing called a trend. Trends happen in reality, in books, and in movies, and the Hunger Games is no exception. Panem is in over its head when it comes to trends, there are trends for clothes make up and even hair. Clothing in the capitol is usually very bright in color but the shades of green and the magnitude of the maroo shifts because people always want to wear what is cool people change the way they look so that they are part of the group of people that stand out and wear the newest fashions. In America people have different ideas. There are trends but they focus more on the seasons. The colors are a little less eye catching and the makeup is more neutral. People here like to follow the trends because they like to go incognito. They do not want to stand out. Now trends are fickle things they tend to come and go a little faster than some people might like in Panem, but in the US they stay a little longer about a season before they go. And both places have come back trends. Things that were popular, then were discarded and brought back from the dead.
There are those that do not like that way they look, so they change their appearances, in the Hunger Games people do this as well but the changes have what one might call some, drastic differences. In Panem the citizens have changes done to their body that definitely change the way they look. Like say a nice pair of cat whiskers, or maybe a nice tail? No? people are missing out. In the US we have plastic surgery which gives your human parts a different size or shape but there are no literal add- ons that give one an animal’s body parts.

People in the capitol are flashy and outrageous. The American people are more slight. But are they really that different?

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