30 Things Every Guy Should Know About His Girl

September 9, 2010
We’re not all conceited and materialistic. Most of us enjoy intelligent conversations.
We’re always right. Even if we’re wrong, we’re right.
If we want your advice, we’ll ask for it. If not, we just want you to listen and tell us that everything will be alright.
We tell our friends everything you say and do.
If one of us is pissed at you, we all are.
“Fine” never means anything good.
Yeah, we do get cranky when we’re on our periods. It’s no excuse, but don’t take it personally.
If you don’t tell us that you like us, we’re going to move on.
We won’t text you first because we think that if you want to talk to us, you will.
We’ve heard that guys wish girls would make the first move, but that doesn’t make it any easier.
All of the pressure put on girls by society has really taken its toll on our self esteem. We need to be reassured that we’re beautiful and appreciated.
We will never forget the things that you will never remember.
When we have to have awkward conversations about emotions and relationships, it would be great if you could contribute something other than “uh huh”, “yeah”, “okay”, and “I don’t know”.
We know that not all guys are jerks. We’re just more likely to remember the ones who were.
After a conversation we obsess over whether or not we said the right thing and over the meaning of what you said.
Telling us the truth will get you more points than trying to be nice, but flattery gets you everywhere.
We don’t just want to know that you like us or love us or want to break up to us, we want to know why.
Yeah, we may not be as strong or athletic as you, but we don’t like you making that assumption just because we’re girls.
We love it when you tell us if you’re upset and talk to us about it. It lets us know that we’re important and that you trust us.
We think about you a lot more than we let on.
We all wish that guys could be like the ones from romantic books or movies. You might want to try watching or reading one.
We’ve been hurt by so many jerks that it’s hard for us to open up to you.
Yes, some of our parents are overprotective. No, we didn’t ask them to be.
We love it when you text us out of nowhere just to tell us you love or miss us.
If we look upset, we probably are. If we say nothing’s wrong, we want you to insist that something is and really talk to us.
We all really wish that you would show some deep emotion once in a while and open up to us.
We love it when you kiss us, hold our hand, or say you love us around your friends.
We’re vulnerable.
Everything we do, from makeup to clothes, we do for you.
If you say you love us forever or will never leave us, we might do something stupid like believe you. Choose your words carefully and know exactly what they mean.

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Emma.M. said...
Sept. 13, 2010 at 10:20 pm
So freaking true!!!
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