Someone Asked Me To Define Punk

August 7, 2010
By Anonymous

A person once told me to define what punk was,he said that punk was about listing to the music,i told him it was not,its a lifestile,he told me it was all about the music..from that moment on we were best freinds,and together we defined punk,we became it,lived it breathed it,ate drank and walked it!We defined it,made it alive,we loved,we laughed we lived,everyday an adventure never knowing what we do next or where we will be,and belive me we got in to some trouble along the way,still are,we would wake up in the mornig not knowig what we will be doing for the day,and go to bed in a random gutter,drinkig,drugs,parting,it all led to the discovery of who we are,i finaly knew waht punk was,i had become it,i am punk,so before you lable us as freaks stop and look,knno what your talking about.

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