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July 30, 2010
By , Ojai, CA
Hello , All I Am New And Promised Myself Once I Got A Laptop I Would Find Some Sort Of Blogg Style Website I Could Write About mY Life On . I Warn you Now I Write Like A Teenagers , Not A Perfect School Girl . You Can Call My B . Im A Girl Living An Orginary Life . Yeahh I Have Flaws , Who Doesnt . Let Me Start By Saying I Am Getting Over My Ex , Call Him T . I Have Known Him And Promised Myself I Would Never Date Anyone From His Family , Because His Brother Asked My Out In The Summer Of 2009 . And I Happened To Date The Older Brother T , [ Whose 17 ] In Summer 2010 . I Fell Madly In Love With T . We Spent Everydayy Together Day And Night From May 26 , 2010 Tile June 20th , 2010 Together . We Were Still Dating But He Went On A Trip To Wisconson To Visit Grandma , And Well Thats Were It All Went Down Hill . While He Was Gone i Hung Out With Guys And T Being The Jealous BF ,[BoyFriend] That He Is Got Mad And He Told Me We Had To Take A Break , But We Would Be Back Together Before I Knew It . In The Mean Time When We Were Apart..Within A Day A New Girl had Hopped On Board . And Me And T Had Problems With Her In Our Relationship Because She Had Texted Him Messages like : "Ohh babyy , I Miss You Sooo Much . Remember When You Liked Me , And You Sent Me Messages About How Much You Loved Me , Why cant We Go Back To That?? I Hope B Doesnt Read This ." Yeah Well I Hope You People Agree With Me When A Girl Is Sending A Taken Guys messages Like That , You Know Theres Gunna Be Problems . Ughhh Anyways T and The Girl Tha Was Sending Him those Messages Ended Up Dating Then I Talked To T's Dad and He Gave T a REALLY HARD Time . You Have No Idea . And Then T calls Me And Said Him Getting In Trouble Was All My Fault . And Ughhh A Phone Call I Will Never Forget . T Ended Up Dating The Girl Again , But Then Broke Up With Her While She Went On A Trip So While She Was Gone He Could Hook Up With Girls. I Hates The Girl Anyways And Wanted Her To Be Crushed So Hard That She Knew What It Felt Like When She Did it to Me . Her Name Is Lauren . Let Call Her H For Homewrecker . What She Truly Is . Anyways The Hardest Part On Me Is The Fact That My Best Friends Older Brother Happens To Also Be T's Bestfriend . So , When Ever I Am At My Best Friends House He Is Normally There . All The Stuff Me And my Best Friend Do Like The Waterhole , Beach , And Of Course Bonfires . . . T's There . I Love T , Still so Much I Cant Be Without Him For Much Longer . Someone Help Me!! My NAme Is B , And I Have More Articles Heading Your Way .

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