My Palm Reading

June 16, 2010
Your head line tells us that you are a practical and down to earth person. Your Heart Line shows a warmhearted, kind person. Your Life Line proclaims that you have good health and vitality and that you approach each day with all the enthusiasm it deserves.

Your Fate Line informs us that you you will have success later in life, usually by your own doing. Your Affection Line is saying that with this many lines you are/were very busy in the relationship area - one line for relationship.

Your Children Lines are indicators of those younger souls around you, children come into your life in many different ways - they are all gifts, some are created for you and some you create on your own. Your children lines indicate girls, each line representing each female child. Your Sun Line signifies a lucky person.

Your Rare Line(s) signifies you have a strong spiritual connection and highly psychic abilities. Your Hand Type has you associated with well balanced, mischievous, clever and quick witted. Great communicators, although relying on the head more than the heart they sometimes come across a little bit of a trickster!

Your Marks signify the following; obstacles, some turmoil or setback, crossroad and/or some confusion, positive, happy, uplifting times.

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