School Efficiency Issues

May 18, 2010
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You probably think that you have a lot of work in school and out, don’t you? Well did you know that your brain is capable of achieving up to %90 more activity; this means that %90 of your brain is completely unused. If the world were a perfect place, then humans would work together to use maximum capacity of the brain and attain the maximum amount of information to advance society to its fullest potentials because without advancement, we have no true purpose on Earth except to live. If people were able to do this, then school days could compile much more information and learning into children, and we would be able to cover much more work in much quicker amounts of time. That means that school would be much shorter allowing children more time to absorb that information in their own desired environment. They could go home with the family for longer, or they could hang out with friends more often, or they could complete much more homework at a much easier level to their brain.

The situation is proven to be stress relieving for people to have more recreational time instead of sitting around wasting time on little things. A healthier lifestyle would be easier for people. Sleep patterns would be better than normal allowing kids to get up earlier with a more energized feeling to get prepared for the oncoming day. Confidence would be boosted and social lives would thrive making people happier in general letting kids appreciate school more. Instead of kids getting bored from long classes and days, of laying around in class, of wishing to get out of school because they feel trapped and suffocated by school all day every day, we would better understand the concept of school and get a brighter idea of life and our futures.

Having a social and mental life out of school is crucial in kid’s lives growing up. A study was done and reported by Brandon Keim that showed that the outdoors have definite therapeutic benefits, and can improve concentration and lower stress. He said, “If children haven’t had contact with nature, they never develop a relationship with the natural environment and they are unable to use it to cope with stress. Studies have shown that people deprived of contact with nature were at greater risk of depression and anxiety. Children are getting less and less unsupervised time in the natural environment.” There was even a study that showed that patients with outdoor views were shown to heal at a quicker rate. Stress has a huge impact on our perception of reality; it plays a major role in our minds development and decision-making. It also can in a way tell your brain to trigger certain parts of its self or not. That changes dramatically how you feel about your being and piers. More free time is obviously a key role in kids lives and relationships.

Take for example, a boy named Craig. Craig was always a good boy growing up, always doing the right thing, and working hard to improve his life by being nice, helping out, and playing outside. When Craig was in the second grade, his piers began to tease him about the way he looked. In the 4th grade, his parents got a divorce. Craig did not understand why this was happening and assumed it must have been his fault. Later on in the 5th grade he started to receive larger amounts of homework each night along with more school hours because he had moved and switched schools. The people at his new school were not any nicer to him than the people at the last school. They also teased him about his parents and Craig was starting to become obese. Over time, more problems arose in his life, and Craig was losing his self-confidence along with his pride. Now Craig is depressed and as a result of his self-image of a misfit, he is now in a gang. He is committing crimes and doing drugs because this relieves stress from his mind due to social “stupidity” and miscomprehension of self-potential. He did not ever get a chance to show his true personality to people and express his inner feelings. Over that time his inner feelings were changed because of triggers in his brain that were results of long term environment, social, physical, and chemical changes in his life that were stressful. If we were just able to relieve just one of those mental stressors, then possibly Craig would have had a shot at the life he could have lead in its fullest potential. It is flat out inefficient to run schools with all of the stress causing situations that it has now. Results show that less stress leads to healthier and happier lives. It is time that we now realize our true potentials; expand our minds to a full %100 of capability in the best way possible. Do you not think that we must allow children healthier and higher desired environment’s? If you think about it, and if you truly applied yourself, then I promise you, life would be much easier and more enjoyable. People would be more humane and responsible about their actions and people would live in peace and harmony for all of eternity.

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